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Plextone EX2 RGB Gaming Cooler MAGNETIC Radiator

Plextone EX2 RGB Gaming Cooler MAGNETIC Radiator
Plextone EX2 RGB Gaming Cooler MAGNETIC Radiator
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  • Brand: PLEXTONE
  • Product Code: EX2


Feature :

  • Stable frames per minute, Freezing in three minutes Cooling black technology, freezing point cooling is more durable.
  • Copper plated heat sink, Thermal conductivity increased by 64% Efficient rotation draws cool air from the top inside, quickly takeaway heat and increase efficiency by 64%.
  • Suspended annular air duct design Low noise operation, the running decibel is less than 29dB throughout the whole process.
  • Semiconductor refrigeration chip Magnetic soaking plate to take away heat.
  • Magsafe Magnetic Ring Precise positioning Built-in magnetic core design, extremely fast induction.
  • Ring design, The game does not stop Do not block your hand, the operation is still smooth and smooth.
  • Comes with magnetic tab and back clip, Universal more equipment


  • Brand: Plextone
  • Product Model: EX2
  • Product Material: PC + ABS + aluminum alloy + pure copper motor +magnet
  • Product Size: 60.5mm * 60.5mm * 23.8mm
  • Overall Power: = 10W
  • Product Weight: 58g
  • Interface Type: type-C
  • Length of Charging cable: 1m
  • Two mode:
  • Green light – extreme cold mode
  • Blue light – overclocking mode
  • Product Name: Magnetic Radiator