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PLEXTONE G50 GameDSP Gaming Earphones with Mic Noise Reduction with Quake Sound Amplifier

PLEXTONE G50 GameDSP Gaming Earphones with Mic Noise Reduction with Quake Sound Amplifier
PLEXTONE G50 GameDSP Gaming Earphones with Mic Noise Reduction with Quake Sound Amplifier
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1. Left Side

2. Right Side

3. Detachable HD mic (bendable flexibly)

4. Multi-Function wire controller (built-in HD mic)

5.3.5 mm Extension Cable

6. Computer Audio Patch Cord

Foot First

Shot First


Close internal tone


GS5 Digital Signal Processing Adapter



1. Game Digital Signal Processing Adapter.

Provide 24 bit/96KHz HiFi sound quality

2. One-click closes the game's internal sound and

provides footstep enhancement, gunshot

enhancement, and vibration enhancement effects.

3. Supported operating systems: for Windows

/2000/2003/XP/Win7/Win10, without Driver


4. Directly connected speakers or

headphones, USB port, plug and play

5. USB 2.0 compatible pure digital sound output,

enjoy virtual 7.1 channel sound

Requirements on use environment:

An earphone mic with a jack of 3.5mm three-layer

audio/microphone can be available.

Desktop/notebook computer with USB interface

can be available.


  • Independent Game DSP, which provides a 24Bit / 96KHz audio sampling rate beyond CD.
  • The knock motor is built in the headphones, and when used with Game DSP, the game vibration can be exploded in the mode of "vibration enhancement".
  • Provide "gunshot enhancement", "footstep enhancement", "7.1CH multi-channel" a variety of game digital sound effects selection.
  • Headphones provide second-generation pluggable microphones, built-in dual-pointing noise-reduction pickup, and built into a "dual-microphone system" with microphones in the wired controller.
  • "One Click to turn off the inside sound of the game", Plextone G50 has its own secret. Eliminate the background noise of other games from the teammates during the Game.
  • Support PC/PS4/mobile phone use. Note: When using PS4 / mobile phone, it can not be used with Game DSP.

10mm bullet high fidelity speaker
Built-in miniature double vibrator motor
Built-in enc active noise reduction microphone 
4mm anti-disturbance microphone
Excellent sound insulation effect
Electromagnetic shielding
Memory foam supports noise reduction 
600mm audio extension, support PC
4 pole PC audio/microphone adapter
2 Silicone Earcaps

Drivers:10mm Neodymium Magnets 
Frequency Response:20-20KHz
Sensitivity: 105dB
Connector: 4pole 3.5mm Plug
Cable Length:1.55mm

Directivity: Omini-Directional
Frequency Response: 100-10KHz

Directivity: Omini-Directional
Frequency Response:100-10KHz

Plextone Game DSP USB Audio Amplifier

Product Performance and Advantages:
1. LED indicator light shows the working status
2. Support for common speaker or headphones, a microphone hole 
3. Microphone recording function
4. Multiplexing technology to achieve Virtual 7.1-channel dynamic sound 
5. Dynamic rotating sound field 
6. The freedom to switch speaker and headphone modes
7. No need driver 
8. Universal Plug and Play real
9. Using the USB Port

Weight and Dimension:
Product Weight: 0.3 kg
Package Weight: 1.5 kg
Package Dimension: 29 x 23 x 8 cm

Package Includes: 
1 x Game Earphone, 1 x Sound Amplifier, 3 x Silica Gel/Ear Cap, 2 x Bull Horn Ear Hanging, 1 x 3.5mm Audio Extension Line, 1 x Amplifier USB Audio Connection Line, 1 x Computer Audio Transfer Line, 1 x Earphone Bag,1 x Wire Clamp, 1 x Bundle Buckle, 1 x User Manual,