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MIBRO COLOR SmartWatch XPAW-002 BT5.0

MIBRO COLOR SmartWatch XPAW-002 BT5.0
MIBRO COLOR SmartWatch XPAW-002 BT5.0
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  • Name: Mibro Color
  • Model: XPAW002
  • Body Dimension: 43*35mm, Thickness=10.2mm
  • Band Dimension: Width=20mm,Unfolded length 252mm
  • Weight: 52g (Including strap)
  • Material: Metal+PC/ABS+ Liquid silicone rubber
  • Display: 1.57inch HD Screen
  • Battery Capacity: 270mAh
  • Battery Life: Daily Mode 7-day, Basic mode 10-day
  • Charge: Magnetic Charging cable
  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Sensor: PPG Heart Rate、Blood oxygen、Acc sensor
  • Water & Dust Proof: 5ATM


  • Color Your Mood for A Healthy Life
    24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring | SpO2 Monitoring | Sleep Tracking | Body’s Pressure Monitoring Customized Watch Faces | 15 Sport Modes | 10-day Battery Life | 5ATM Waterproof
  • Mibro Color Makes Your Day
    The 1.57 HD full-color touch screen is made by diamond cutting technology, sharp as blade, clear as crystal. In addition, we also added anti-fingerprint oil technology to the surface of the watch screen, keeping the screen always clean and clear.
  • Perfectly Match Your Look
    Choose the color you like. There’re five colors available and make your watch more versatile and fashionable, whether you’re dressing up for an occasion or heading to the gym. The food grade liquid silicone gel straps can better isolate dirt and dust, making the watch comfortable to wear.
  • Customize Your Own Watch Face
    The dial market provides a variety of creative and colorful watch faces to match your mood. You can also customize your own one with your favorite photos from your mobile device.
  • Always Know Your Heart
    Mibro Color can accurately monitor your heart rate dynamically no matter when you’re exercising or sleeping. The App will alert you timely if there’re data irregularities. You can take action to consult your doctor and care about your health earlier. * The monitoring data and results are for reference only, and not for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring
    Blood oxygen saturation is an important indicator to the metabolic circulation. The normal blood oxygen saturation of human body is above 95%. Mibro Color supports continuous blood oxygen monitoring and it will remind you to help adjust your status timely when you’re having a long-time brain activities or high-intensity exercise. * The monitoring data and results are for reference only, and not for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Relax Your Mind and Body
    Monitor the body’s pressure condition and relax body and mind by breathing training. Support stress monitoring and keep abreast of your stress status. You can relax and recover in time through breathing training.
  • Improve Your Sleeping Quality
    Mibro Color is capable of recording your sleep time and sleep quality in detail through the body movement frequency. And the App can provide you a variety of sleep improvement suggestions to help you sleep better. Time to create a healthy bedtime routine from now on. * The monitoring data and results are for reference only, and not for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Track All The Ways You Move
    Stop doing exercise in a blind way! Mibro Color provides you 15 sport modes to track your real-time fitness data including heart rate, calories and duration of the workout. You can take a look at the date by lifting your wrist without breaking the exercise. Exercise in a more scientifically way! Treadmill,Outdoor running,Walking,Football,Badminton,Tennis,Basketball,Cycling,Outdoor Cycling,Elliptical machine,On foot,Yoga,Strength Training, Trekking,Free training.
  • 5ATM Waterproof*
    5ATM is the laboratory test value. The actual waterproof effect may vary with the use environment (such as temperature, humidity and pressure). It is forbidden to wear watches for surfing, diving, hot spring and other activities.
  • Your Best Life Assistant
    Mibro Color will keep track of your step count, calories, exercise data and other daily activities. It can also remind you timely the SMS, calls, weather, alarm clock and other social application information. Never miss an important thing!
  • Longer Battery Life
    By using the deeply-optimized battery management system, the watch can last for up to 10 day. Never worry about running out of the battery life in a day.
  • Understand Your Health Data Better with “Mibro Fit” APP
    The watch works perfectly with the “Mibro Fit” APP,which can record various body data in real-time.The heart rate,step count,sleep,and other of the watch to creat an exclusive personal watch.