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Brand: Jisulife Product Code: FA29
Brand: JISULIFEModel FA29/FA29AProduct name: clip-on desk fanInput: 5.0V 2.0A MAXWorking power: 5.0W MAXBattery cell lithium-ion batteryProduct size: 115 (L)x127(H)x165(W) mmBattery parametersBattery capacity: 2000mAh(7.4Wh/3.7V) FA29Battery capacity: 4000mAh(14.8Wh/3.7V) FA29A..
Brand: Jisulife Product Code: FA19
Brand: JISULIFEModel: FA19/FA19A/FA19BProduct name: desk fanInput: 5.0V-2.0A MAXFan power: 3.0W MAXDimensions: 182(L) x60(W) X228(H)mmExecutive standard: GB 4706.1-2005 GB 4706.27-2008Enterprise standard: Q/JS 008-2020Made in Chinabattery parametersBattery capacity: 4000mAh (14.8Wh/3.7V) FA196000mAh..
Brand: Jisulife Product Code: FA21
Brand: JISULIFEModel: FA21/FA21AProduct name: Personal handheld fanInput: 5.0V 2.0A MAXWorking power:4.5W MAXBattery cell: lithium-ion batteryProduct size:92(L)x34.4(W)x194.7(H)mm:Battery parametersBatterycapacity:2000mAh(7.4Wh/3.7V) FA21Battery capacity:4500mAh(16.7Wh/3.7V) FA21A..
Brand: Jisulife Product Code: FA26
Brand: JISULIFEProduct Name: Ultra-slim Table FanBattery cell: Lithium-ion batteryInput : 5.0V=2.0A MAXOutput: 5.0V=1.0A MAXFan power: 4.0W MAXFan wind speed: 3.0 m/s MAXNoise level: 48 dB MAXModel: FA26Battery capacity: 4500mAh (16.65Wh/3.7V)Charging time: 4-6hWorking time: 5-18hProduct weight: 8.6..
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