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Anker A3413 Sound Buds Flow Bluetooth Earphone

Anker A3413 Sound Buds Flow Bluetooth Earphone
Anker A3413 Sound Buds Flow Bluetooth Earphone
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  • Brand: Anker
  • Product Code: A3413 Sound Buds Flow


Connection Type Bluetooth 5.0

Duration 12-Hour Playtime

Others Fully Waterproof

Drivers 6 mm

The interchangeable EarWings are designed to flex and adjust to the shape of your ears. This ensures SoundBuds Flow sits securely, yet comfortably in position. IPX7-rated protective casing defends the interior of the earphones against destructive liquids such as sweat and rain. Customized 6 mm drivers deliver big, high-fidelity beats to your ears. Instantly connect your mobile device to SoundBuds Flow and enjoy a virtually unbreakable connection for skip-free listening. Fuel a week’s worth of workouts from a single charge. And if you need a quick battery boost, charge for 5 minutes to enjoy 2 hours of listening time. Attach the earbuds together via their built-in magnets and secure around your neck or wrist when not using. Made from premium lightweight materials for an ultra-comfortable fit. Multiple sizes of EarTips and WingTips allow you to mix and match accessories to ensure Soundbuds Flow sit comfortably in your ears. Connect to your phone using Bluetooth 5.0 and start streaming your favorite tunes via the powerful 6 mm drivers. Enjoy incredible high-fidelity audio with enhanced clarity throughout your workout. Soundbuds Flow’s extended 12-hour battery ensures you’ll always have your playlist to power your day. Whether you’re sweating it out in the gym or got caught in the rain, the IPX7 casing effectively shields your earphones from sweat and water. The easy-to-use 3 button remote allows you to effortlessly skip between songs or answer calls on the go.