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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-26
Specification:Model: RPP-26Battery: Lithium-polymer BatteryBattery Capacity: 10000mAh (111Wh)Rated Capacity: 6000mAhGross Battery Power: 37WhMicro, Type-C Input: 5V=2A (MAX)Gross Input: 5V=2A (MAX)Input: 5V=2A (MAX)Gross Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)Size: 94.2*6..
REMAX RPP-162 50,000mAh Power Bank with 4USB Outputs & 3USB Inputs
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-162
Specification:Model: RPP-162Battery: Li-polymer BatteryBattery Capacity: 50000mAh (111Wh)Rated Capacity: 31000mAhGross Battery Power: 185WhMicro, Type-C, iPhone Input: 5V=2.0A (MAX)Gross Input: 5V=2.0A (MAX)Gross Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB1 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB2 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB3 Output: 5..
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Remax RPP-112 High Capacity Power Bank 4USB Outputs & 3USB Inputs 30000mAh
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-112
Specification:Model: RPP-112Battery: Li-polymer BatteryBattery Capacity: 30000mAh (111Wh)Rated Capacity: 18600mAhGross Battery Power: 111WhMicro, Type-C, iPhone Input: 5V=2.0A (MAX)Gross Input: 5V=2.0A (MAX)Gross Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB1 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB2 Output: 5V=2.1A (MAX)USB3 Output: 5..
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Brand: Rock Space Product Code: Rock Space P65
Model NO.: RMP0406Material: Fireproof ABS+PCMicro USB Input: 5V=2A 9V=2AType-C USB Input:5V=2A 9V-2AUSB-A Output:5V=3A 9V-2A 12V=1.5AType-C USB Output:5V=3A 9V=2A 12V=1.5ABattery Capacity: 3.7V 10000mAh (37Wh)Charging time: 5-5.5 hoursUnit dimension: 97*65*24mmWeight:192g..
Brand: Baseus Product Code: Baseus Amblight
Brand: BaseusName: 20000mAhModel: BS-20KP203Batteries: Lithium polymer batteryBattery capacity: 20000mAh/3.8V 76WhRated capacity: 12000mAhEnergy conversion rate: 75%Lightning //input: DC 5V 2A Max.Micro/Input: DC 5V=2.A 9V2A 12V=1.5A MaxType-C /Input: DC 5V 2A 9V=2A 12V=1.5A Max.Type-C /Output: DC 5..
Brand: Baseus Product Code: Baseus Parallel PD
QC3.0+PD3.0 quick charge、Dual input and three output、20000mAh large capacity、LED Digital display for battery volumeQC3.0 5V~12V quick chargeCompatible PD/QCI/MTK-PE/FCPwith multiple fast charging protocolsDual input and dual output18W Max PD Quick ChargeProduct name: Parallel PD Quick Charge Power B..
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: REMAX RPP-2
Remax RPP-2 Sinyo Series Wired and Wireless Fast Charging Power Bank 10000mAhWith  a Three Gear Adjustable Drawing Holder For iPhoneType-C + USB Output 2.0AInput 2A MaxHigh Power PD/QC 3.0 Wireless Fast Charging 10WAn All Screen DesignA Brand New Holder for Your Charging and Binge Watching2 Inp..
Brand: REMAX Product Code: Remax RPP-128
Micro InputType-C InputiPh InputBattery indicatorOn/OffOutput 1Output 2Stable OutputHigh-Quality BatteryFast ChargingDigital Display ScreenModel: RPP-128Material: ABS+PC (Aluminum alloy)Weight: 356gCapacity 20000mAh (76wh)Output: DC5V=2.1A MAXSize: 140x69.5x18mmOvervoltage protectionOvercharging pro..
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-105
Strong, Steady and Durable Suction Cup. Mirror Surface, LED Digital Display. Leather Lanyard. Smart Chip, Automatically Off DIGITAL DISPLAY SCREEN  HIGH QUALITY BATTERY  FAST CHARGING  STABLE OUTPUT 18w PD two way fast charging- 18w 10w Wireless fast charging- 10w Capacity: 1..
Remax RPP-141 Leader Series Power Bank 30000mAh
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-141
DIGITAL DISPLAY SCREEN HIGH QUALITY BATTERY FAST CHARGING STABLE OUTPUTPower On/OffBattery indicatorOutput 2Output 1Type-C InputMicro input iPh InputPort: 2 USBCapacity: 30000mAh(111Wh) Micro Input: DC5V=2A USB Output: DC5V=2A Type-C Input: DC5V=2A iPh Input: ..
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PHILIPS DLP2711NB Power Bank 11000mAh
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Brand: Philips Product Code: PHILIPS DLP2711NB
Number of Output Ports: 3 Frequency response: 10 - 22 000 Hz Battery: 11000mAh Power Supply / Input: Micro USB 5V/2A Output Power: 5V-2.1A/1A/1A (Max 2.1A) Battery Type: 18650 Lithium..
Philips QC3.0 Fast Charge Ultra Thin Power Bank 10000mAh DLP10006Q
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Brand: Philips Product Code: Philips QC3.0
Also works with Apple devices (Apple cable is not included) Single output, single use of one outlet, any USB support quick charge output: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A.the output is used at the same time and output only 5V, 2.1A. ** Based on 1800mAh capacity iPhone, iPad, iPod are trademarks of Appl..
Remax RPP-55 Thoway Power Bank 10000mAh
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-55
In order to start the process of recharging the device it will be enough just to connect your device, through the USB cable that is included in the device. And further in business, the modern portable device will undertake. Also, the advantage of this device can be considered a high degree..
Kerolla Proda PPP-20 10000mAh Power Bank
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: PPP-20
Name: Kerolla power bank Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Capacity: 10000mAh Rated Power: 38Wh/3.8V Model: PPP-20 input: 5.0 V-2.1A Output: 5.0 V-2.1A Size: 139*47.3*19.5mm package Content: Power Bank 1/USB Cable 1/User Manual 1 Number of USB ports: 2 Weight: 209g  ..
Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-108
OUTPUT1 OUTPUT2 MICROINPUT/MICROA iPh INPUT /IPHA TYPE-C INPUT/ OUTPUT OUTPUT1/2: DC4.5V-5A DC5V-4.5A DC5V-3A DC9V-2A DC12V-1.5A Type C input: DC5V-3A DC9V-2A iPh:DC5V-2A DC9V-2A Micro input: DC5V-2A DC9V-2A Type-C output: DC5V-3A DC9V-2A DC12V-1.5A Type-C+USB1/Type-C+USB2/USB1+USB2 Output: ..
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Brand: REMAX Product Code: RPP-133
With digital battery display screen High-quality battery Fast charging  Two modes: wireless charging mode, charging while discharging; power bank mode, charge with a cable 3 input 1 output: micro/type-c/lightning ports; USB output  Specification: Name: Mirror series RPP-1..
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