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BASEUS C30A-03 Round Box HUB Adapter

BASEUS C30A-03 Round Box HUB Adapter
BASEUS C30A-03 Round Box HUB Adapter
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  • Brand: Baseus
  • Product Code: C30A-03


4 USB plug and expand easily

For USB interface computer

5Gbps High-speed transmission

Applicable USB devices

1M just right

4 USB simultanecius use

Support for hard disk

Light and portable

Model: C30A-13

Material: ABS+TPE wire

Color: Black/White

Input: USB 3.0

Output: USB 3.0 1 USB 2.0'3

USB 3.0 transmission speed: 5 Gbps (Downwards compatible)

USB 2.0 transmission speed: 480Mbps

Micro 5V power supply: 4TB hard disk support

Size: 60.3*60.3*100mm

Net weight: 55g

Compatible systems: Mac OS/ windows 7/8/10 and etc

Compatible devices: U disk/Hard disk/Mouse and other USB devices

Compatible models: Laptop and desktop computer with USB interface